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Small music information retrieval toolKit
Rebecca Fiebrink and Ge Wang

SMirK is an open-source toolkit to facilitate rapid development of and experimentation with machine learning and music information retrieval tools. It uses a combination of audio analysis support built into ChucK and feature extraction and learning built in ChucK. (requires version or later).

MATLAB make you wince?
CLAM, MARSYAS won't compile?
Us? We like to SmIRK.


Combining Analysis and Synthesis in ChucK
    read about the unit analyzer architecture
ICMC 2007

Foundations for On-the-fly Learning in ChucK
    read about on-the-fly learning!
ICMC 2008

Support for Music Information Retrieval in
the ChucK Programming Language

    use ChucK for MIR programming and machine learning!


MIR in ChucK: Rapid-prototyping and Performance
    ISMIR 2008 Tutorial


Get ChucK! (free! cross-platform! money-back guarantee!)
2. Get everything
(framework + all examples, last updated 28 Aug. 2008)

SMIRK is brought to you by Rebecca and Ge,
with Perry Cook and inspiration from SMELT.

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